Twisted Desire

Right before it’s official release day (on April 16th), I had the pleasure of receiving an e-book ARC (advance reader’s copy) of Jessi Elliott’s latest release, Twisted Desire. This is the final book in the Canadian author’s ‘Twisted’ trilogy. Now admittedly, I am not normally a reader of anything ‘romance’ (something I’ve prefaced on my reviews for the first two books as well) – but this series actually pulled me in from the beginning. I’ve been quite surprised with how much I genuinely enjoyed falling into this land and getting to know the characters. Perhaps because it could be viewed as multi-genre, or perhaps because the author just writes that well.
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Writing Goals Progress Report #01

I know I only announced my writing goals early last month, but I’m thinking perhaps I’d like to do a quarterly update on my progress. Now since we are fast approaching the end of the first quarter I thought it would be as good a time as any to get the first progress report on my goals up. So if you’re interested in knowing how I’m doing, grab a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and keep on reading!
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Goodbye Posting Schedule

I absolutely love having a posting schedule. I enjoy knowing that posts will be up three times a week by a certain time on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. However it’s obviously been a struggle for me lately to keep up with the normal schedule. So after careful thought, I really feel that for right now I am removing my schedule and just going to post when I can on here. I have a list of post ideas that I am definitely inspired to do. I even have 6 posts right now in draft mode (including two short fiction pieces I was tagged to do via a picture prompt). So what’s creating the struggle?
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Plum Deluxe

Well it is official folks; I’m in love… with a new tea brand that is! Awhile back Sophie from Plum Deluxe reached out to me about the Oregon based tea company and inquired if I would interested in receiving some samples to review. Naturally after heavily looking over the company’s website (and let’s face it drooling at all the tasty sounding options) I agreed! Now just like all of my reviews though, I will give you my 100% authentic opinion. Though I’m pretty sure my opening line gave you a bit of a spoiler.
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