Welcome to #ReadWithJane, an online book club started by Jane Ridgewood where all bibliophiles can unite!

What is the purpose of this club?
Jane Ridgewood loves to read and she knows a lot of people globally do as well. There are so many incredible books out there. The purpose of this club is to help spread the awareness of the talented authors who’ve gifted us with their stories. No matter what genre they write in. Jane wants YOU to celebrate the books you read and share them with her. #ReadWithJane is made with the simple purpose of spreading the love of reading across the globe and building a strong book community in the process.

How do I know what Jane is reading?
Not only will Jane be using #ReadWithJane herself on social media, but she will also be keeping her Good Reads profile updated with the book(s) she is reading. Please note Jane loves to read in a variety of genres. Never hesitate to send her a suggestion!

Will there be group discussions?
At the present time all group discussions of a specific book will take place through social media. Don’t hesitate to start the conversation under #ReadWithJane. If you’ve read a book Jane has reviewed on the site, then please share your thoughts in the comment section of that review. There are plans in the works involving Jane’s YouTube channel for open group discussions in the future.

How do I join this book club?
Easy! All you have to do is start using #ReadWithJane and follow Jane Ridgewood on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you want Jane to follow you back then simply send her a DM (direct message) asking her to do so. There are plans to set up a more formal membership enrollment (which will remain completely free) in the future.

Be sure to use #ReadWithJane to connect with Jane and other readers on social media!